Tamsen Johnson

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist + Advanced Practice Esthetician

Hi I am Tamsen a Licensed Advanced Practice Esthetician and Cosmetic Tattoo Artist that has been helping others achieve their ideal vision of beauty in this ever evolving world of esthetics for over 20 years.

I was one of those kids who never felt comfortable in their own skin. So I knew at a young age that I wanted to help others to feel more confident, beautiful and unstoppable through beauty. I feel honored to have built a career serving others in this way.

I Transitioned into cosmetic tattooing in May 2020 when covid hit and gave us a moment to pause, rest and realign. So I jumped at this opportunity to learn the art of permanent makeup.

  • May – August 2020: I attended MedSpa Institute of America’s Microblade and shade course. Along with Beauty Angels Academy.
  • Aug-December 2020: To become a Fully licensed artist in Minnesota you need to complete an apprenticeship, where all of your work is overseen by a supervisor. I apprenticed at MSP Microblading Collective under the Owner, Alice Berman.

Now that I am Dually licensed, I am excited to have my own Sola Salon suite where I can merge my licenses together and evolve as an artist in a space that holds as many licenses as I do.

I am true believer in quality continuing education and strive to never stop learning and improving so I can provide you with the best possible services and products.


Beauty Angels?

The Beauty Angels Academy is an amazing international educational community. To earn my wings, I had to pass a rigourous 20 level course taught by one of the top microbladers in world and founder of Beauty Angels, Kler Rosenberg. She even mentored me for my first 6 months as I learned the art of microblading.

Within this community there are many different levels of wings you can earn. I am currently taking the advanced 6 month coarse to earn my Silver Wings under the mentorship of Grand Master Trainer, Amanda Breuer. I have another 20 levels to pass and she coaches me with my work to help me improve quicker as an artist.