PMU Lightening/Removal

Angel Removal is the first tattoo removal product designed specifically for the eyebrow area and pigment place outside the vermillion boarder This non-laser, manual technique, designed to safely remove 99.9% of all tattoo pigments from the skin. In particular, pigments from permanent makeup.

Emergency Removal Available 
Starts at $300 based on avaliblitly


This removal technique uses a chemical method to break up and lift pigment within the skin.

The pigment then comes out in two ways:
1.It is attracted to the skin surface like a magnet and leaves the body.
2.The rest is removed through the lymphatic system.

The pigment comes out in small quantities over several days, a large amount of which comes out during the aftercare portion of the process. Pigment may still be leaving the body up to 30 days after the removal treatment.

The active ingredients in Angel Removal are acids from antioxidant fruits such as rice, cocoa, and wheat, among others.

How many sessions needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted, how old the existing tattoo is and your desired goal. The deeper the pigment was implanted in the layers of the skin, the more sessions of removal are needed. Yellow and green pigments are the most challenging to remove.

Typically a series of 1-9 session maybe required for optimal results. Must wait at least 6-8 weeks in between each session.

Lightening and/or removing unwanted pigment is a process and patience is required. This is true whether you are choosing a lightening product service or laser. It all takes time and your results will be unique to you.

Yes However, due to how many sessions it could take will a gentle removal option. Pico Laser treatments are usual a better starting point in your removal journey.

Simply reach out, as all looks are truly unique.

YES! This system works great to help lighten the area before it has a chance to heal. Best result happen within the first 48-72 hours of your procedure,

For BROWS and pigment placed outside the Lips vermillion boarder Only

PRE-Care Instructions

  • No alcohol or caffeine at least 24 hours before
  • No food supplements such as fish oil, vitamin E or C, Aspirin, Motrin, or Advil for at least 24 hours
  • Discontinue use of these products at least 30 days prior to and 10 days after the treatment is performed
      • RetinA/ Retinol
      • Anti-aging cream
      • Glycolic acid, salicylic or lactic
      • Acne cream
      • Serum to stimulate eyebrows or eyelash growth
  • You must finish your antibiotic medication before receiving the removal treatment
  • Botox (must wait 2 weeks before and after a botox procedure)
  • Brow Lamination/tinting (must wait 2 weeks before and/or after)

POST-Care Instructions


IMPORTANT: Keep the treated area COMPLETELY DRY during the first 24 hours after
the treatment.

What to avoid for the first 24 hours:

• No water
• No public swimming pools
• No sun exposure
• No steam rooms or saunas
• No facials
• No exercising
• No sweating
• No makeup on the brows
• No smoking
• No alcohol

For the first 24 hours, blot any lymph fluid that comes to the surface with a tissue or dry cotton pad.

DAY 2 – DAY 8

Aftercare starting Day 2 after treatment: Starting the following EVENING prior to bed

• Gently wash the area a mild cleanser like cetaphil and rinse thoroughly with water.
• Gently Pat dry with a paper towel or washcloth.
• Then apply ONE drop of Removal Solution on each eyebrow using a cotton swab.

This aftercare should only be done only ONCE a day, at night prior to bed. Then washed off in the morning.