Lip Blush is a semi-permanent color over the whole lip that can improve symmetry, definition, color and size. You can add a little balm for a natural looking tint or just-bitten flush.

This method is soft and fresh; just a subtle blush of color to define shape and make lips look naturally flushed! A custom color is mixed for each and every client based on their skin color, undertones and existing natural lip shade.

Lip blushing is NOT meant to take the place of lipstick.

A 6-12 week touch-up appointment is part of the process and charged separately.

Must be pre-approved for the Lip Blush procedure before booking. To begin the consultation/booking process for Lip Blush: Please email clear photos of your lips (No filters or makeup) to for review.

Please review all FAQs below

Initial session: $400

Touchup (6-12 weeks) $150

Important PRE-Treatment Factors to Consider

HYDRATE: Keep the lips moisturized the week leading up to your appointment. Lip Blush tattoo can NOT be done if lips are dry, chapped or cracked.

LIP COLD SORES: Those with a history of cold sores, even if it was just 1 time. You will need to use your prescribed anti-viral medication (Zovirax, Valtrex, Acyclovir, etc.) 5 days prior + 5 days post a lip blush procedure to minimize the risk of an outbreak. Treatment cannot be preformed if there is an active outbreak. Please wait 1 month if you’ve had a current outbreak.

SWELL: Your lips may swell or bruise. Please make sure you do not have anything important for 1-2 days following your service (depends on the person).

FILLERS: Must wait 6 weeks after any lip fillers or injections before receiving Lip Blush.

View All Pre-Post Care Guidelines Here


Bring in your favorite lipstick shade. One that you always feel amazing in. We can use this color as our inspiration.

We also take into consideration your skin tone as well as the undertones present in your natural lip tissue to select a color that will ultimately heal to the most flattering shade for YOU!

Just keep in mind that final result is meant to have a soft watercolor effect, not a saturated lipstick look.

Not as much as you would think! I use topical anesthetic during the procedure to numb the lips. Most clients say it was a manageable discomfort throughout the procedure.

Lip Blush gives them the illusion of a fuller lips, however we do NOT tattoo outside of the vermillion border. We stay within your natural lip line.

Sometimes we can have lip tissue that lacks pigmentation which causes our lips to look smaller than they actually are or appear asymmetrical. In these cases, we are able to naturally enhance the lips to restore your lips natural fullness

*Please note you lips will swell during the service. Swelling is temporary and will subside in 1-3 days.

Lip Blush is a 2-3 step process, you should not expect to see full results after one treatment. Lip pigment will fade 50%+ after the first 5 days, and will remain in the ‘light phase’ for at least 30 days.

Lip blush is NOT meant as a substitute for lipstick, but as a natural enhancement too lips.

Every client is individual but generally 1-5 years. Color retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain products, the immune system, medications, and other health factors.

To get the most out of your cosmetic tattoo you should always wear SPF 30+ or higher daily.

For the initial appointment, it will take 4 hours. Touch up appointments are 3 hours.

Right after the procedure lips normally feel swollen, dry, chapped, and tender to the touch. Lips will feel better with each day. Swelling goes down within 12-48 hours.

Day of your Procedure: After the procedure, gently blot the area with clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do this every 5-10 minutes until the fluid has stopped coming to the surface. Removing this fluid prevents hardening of the lymphatic fluids.

Before going to bed clean lips with antiseptic wipe provided in your aftercare kit.

Apply aftercare ointment to lips with a q-tip or clean finger. (Do not rub lips together)

Day 1-7: Moisturize Apply aftercare ointment several times a day for 7 days. Do not let the lips dry out.

On day 2-4 your lips will start to peel/flake. This is normal. Let the flakes fall off naturally. Picking, pulling, peeling, or rubbing the flakes off can cause that area to heal light.


• Drink all liquids through a straw.
• Do not bite into foods (use fork/fingers)
• Do not pick or rub.
• No cleaners, soaps, or chemicals on lips
• Do not smoking
• Do not get lips wet- Limit showers to 5 min
• Do not sweat (Saunas, hot tubs, hot yoga)
• No direct sun or tanning beds- 2 weeks. (tanning fades pigment)
• Do not apply makeup or chapstick.
• Avoid Retin-A, AHA’s, anti-aging and anti-acne products near lips.
• No kissing
• Avoid spicy and salty foods

Lip Blush is a 2-3 step process, you should not expect to see full results after one treatment. Lip pigment will fade 50% after the first 5 days, and will remain in the “light phase” for 30 days.

If you have ANY of the following you are NOT a candidate for this procedure:

• Under 18 years of age
• Pregnant/nursing
• History of Keloids or Hypertrophic scarring
• Diabetes (require doctor’s clearance due to poor healing)
• Chemotherapy last year (consult doctor)
• Take blood thinner medication or supplements
• Those with epilepsy, hemophilia, viral infections and or/disease
• Skin irritations on/near the procedure area. (ex. rashes, open wounds, sunburn)
• Skin conditions on/near the procedure area (ex. psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, shingles)
• Accutane or Oral RetinA (acne medication) – Wait 1 year before procedure
• Those who have auto-immune disease, thyroid disorders, other healing disorders, pacemaker, mitral valve disorder, other major heart conditions, uncontrolled high blood pressure. Any medical condition that affects your skin, prevents blood from clotting OR affects how your body HEALS will lead to unpredictable healed results
• Poor General Health will lead to a poor healed results

Have a Previous Lip tattoo done by another artist: At this time I do NOT offer
correction/rework over pre-existing Lip Tattoos.