Do you want to get permanent eyebrows, but you don’t qualify for one reason or another to have microblading done? Ombre powder brows may be the right solution for you. Powder brows are like microblading as it is also semi-permanent makeup for the brows and adds pigment to your skin. However, the application and the results are different. Instead of using a manual tool to create hair-like tattooed strokes, our brow artists use an electrified machine to add dots of pigment to your skin. The result is denser and more saturated brows that look like they’ve been filled in with brow powder. We offer professional powder Ombre brows near Minneapolis and use the safest techniques to get the best results.

This treatment involves inserting dots of pigments into the topmost layers of your skin. These dots help create the illusion of bold, dense, and defined brows. We create an Ombre effect by making sure the dots are lighter and less saturated towards the front of the brow and darker, more concentrated towards the tips. If you want to get Ombre powder brows near me, call us today!

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